What if we viewed the home-study program but didn’t attend a live workshop – can we still attend?

Absolutely, the home study program gave you enough information and exercises to help you strengthen your relationship and build a foundation in Drs. John and Julie Gottman's work and methods. This workshop is an appropriate next step in learning, practicing and deepening these tools and skills.

How much time should we wait after completing the first Art and Science of Love before attending this advanced workshop?

It varies according to each couple’s needs. Some attend within a very short time (a month or two) because they want to truly integrate the skills, and find the ASL2 workshop helpful. Some want to try things on their own for longer, and come to the advanced workshop when there is a need for more practice, a refresher or a deepening of the Gottman Method.

What if my partner and I are basically doing ok, but could use a refresher? Would this be for us?

Yes, definitely. Couples who are doing “okay” have given us clear feedback that the ASL2 workshop is refreshing and energizing for their relationship. The Gottman research and tools are rich and deep and more learning is always possible. The ASL2 workshop presents additional tools, skills and information that help couples enrich their relationship.

What if we made progress and liked the concepts, but had difficulty with the exercises at the first workshop (or with the home study program)? Would this be for us?

Yes. Couples at all stages have attended the ASL2 workshop to relearn, refresh or rekindle the tools of the Gottman model. At the ASL2 workshop, we will present different exercises and new information to support a deepening of your relationship.

What if we attended the ASL2 refresher workshop in the past? Can we attend again?

Absolutely! Couples who have attended past ASL2 workshops say that this experience was so helpful for their relationship that they would attend again. A number of couples attended several years in a row.

How will the ASL2 refresher workshop be different than the first workshop?

The ASL2 workshop is smaller, in a more intimate setting.  The ASL2 is designed to give you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and practice the Gottman concepts so they are integrated into your everyday life.  There is more emphasis upon the development of intimacy in your relationship.  Further work on the use of repair and the “dreams within conflict” concepts is also covered. Specific subjects include money, sex and intimacy, and interpersonal neurobiology. The ALS2 workshop also incorporates different audio-visual presentations.

Will refreshments and food be available at this workshop?

Yes. Food, coffee and other refreshments will be provided during breaks. We will have a 75 minute lunch break each day. 

Where do I park? Can I get reimbursed for parking?

Parking options vary depending upon workshop location. Although we do not reimburse for parking, street parking is free on Sunday.